Iphone Sketch #1

Have been addicted to doing quick studies on the Iphone...Love the retina display and just how handy it is to accurately color match something on the spot, even if just to make a note of it for later.
Not to worry there has been lots of concept work in the background but for now I can share this quick one.


tooled said...

Great piece. What app are you using?

Cody said...

ArtStudio for Iphone works pretty well and is typically what I use. You can save and send yourself all of your layers as psds too.

Luther Taylor said...

are you finger painting? or using a touch pen?

also what do you mean by retina display. Looks like I may have to upgrade my phone lol using a 3gs

Cody said...

I tried a pen in the past but found that it gripped the screen too much...have stuck to finger painting.
The retina display is on the new iphones now, it has a high enough pixel density that your eye can't make out individual pixels.